Does university of johannesburg have nursing

By | August 12, 2023

Does university of Johannesburg have nursing

Does university of Johannesburg have nursing – The university of Johannesburg does indeed offer nursing. Details about the nursing and related programs at UJ are listed below;

B cur Nursing
General Information

The BCur qualification from the University of Johannesburg is rated highly, both nationally and internationally and will prepare you for a rewarding career and exciting further studies.
NQF Level: 8
Admission Requirements
A matric exemption certificate or a further education certificate (level 4) are prerequisites for admission to this course. In addition, candidates must have an M-score of at least 13 points.
Selection Procedure
A selection formula has been devised to ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all candidates. Either your Grade 11 or Grade 12 marks (national examination) will be used to calculate your selection mark. You must also satisfy all the conditions below in order to be admitted to the BCur degree course:
• Full matric exemption
• An M-score of at least 13 or APS Score of 29.

Minimum APS Score29 with Mathematics and 30 with Mathematical Literacy
Language of teaching and learning5
Other recognised language5
Mathematical Literacy5
Life Orientation4
Subject 14
Subject 24
Subject 34

The BCur degree consists of a four-year course, and its curriculum is spread over this period as follows:

Fundamental Nursing Science 1A
Human Anatomy A and B
Sociology 1A
Psychology 1A and 1B
Introduction to Human Physiology A and B
Write Bcur on the form all the info is in the UJ prospectus