University of Johannesburg Tuition Fees

By | December 17, 2023

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University of Johannesburg Tuition Fees


1 How payment can be effected

  • Payments may be made at the official cashiers of the University of Johannesburg (UJ). Office hours are from 08:30 to 15:30 Monday to Friday and on Wednesday from 08:30 to 14:00.
  • Credit Card and Debit Cards are accepted. Unfortunately, no postal or money order payments will be accepted.
  • The student’s name and student number should be stated clearly when payments are made.

If a bank dishonours a cheque, students will be liable for the bank administration fee of R200.00.

  • Students and parents can use the debit order system whereby the outstanding balance (with the exception of the first minimum payment), can be paid in eight equal instalments from 1 March to 1 October. This method of payment has the following advantages:
  • Payments can be made over an eight-month period, leaving the student/parent with a better cash-flow situation;
  • No interest is levied as long as the debit order is honoured;
  • Payments cannot go astray;  and
  • It saves time.
  • Payments can also be made at any ABSA Bank branch.

Students or their sponsors/employers may pay the due amounts directly into the UJ’s bank account at any ABSA Bank branch as specified below:

Fax: 011 559-2866

Account Name: University of Johannesburg

Bank: ABSA Bank

Branch: Auckland Park

Branch number: 33-51-05

Bank account number: 28-40189-565 (Student use)

32-4014-1018 (Sponsors use)

Students must write their names and student numbers clearly in block letter on the deposit slip. A copy of the slip must be either faxed to (011) 559-2866,e-mailed to or handed in at Student Finance. Students must also keep a copy for their own records for at least a year.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The University encounters numerous problems with bank transfers. Therefore, students and parents are requested to provide the University with copies or faxes of the bank deposit slips when bank transfers are made.

  • E-Payments

Students and parents can pay their tuition fees online through the website: by using their valid credit/cheque card.

2 Student account enquiries

  • In the case of modules reflected incorrectly on accounts, students should contact the relevant faculty directly.
  • Enquiries about tuition fees and incorrect account debits or credits should be addressed to the staff in Student Finance at the following telephone and fax numbers:


Doornfontein Campus: (011) 559-6274/6022/6940/6937 / Fax: (011) 559-6330
Kingsway Campus: (011) 559-3935/4339/3910/3277 Fax:(011) 559-2866
Bunting Road Campus: (011) 559-1370/1532/1530 / Fax: (011) 559-1323
Soweto Campus: (011) 559-5220 Fax: (011) 559 5117


Queries can also be e-mailed to

  • Fees payable prior to registration and registration fees payable

The  University  reserves  the  right  to  change  fees  without  prior  notice  or  without

  providing reasons thereof.  
3.1 Application fee – Manual applications R200.00
  Web applications –  No fee  


  • Residence deposit – applicable only to students applying
  for residence at the University for the first time in 2016. R1220.00
  Residence deposit – R1220.00
3.3 A non-refundable registration fee of R610.00
  per registration process  
3.4 A non-refundable additional late registration fee of R2 250.00
  per registration process  
3.5 ICT-levy. R430.00
  Payable per registration process and is non-refundable  


  • Fees payable at registration (All full-time, part-time, extra-curricular and semester programmes)
  • First instalment on University account all students, including students whose fees are paid by sponsors or employers, have to pay the following minimum amounts prior or on the date of academic registration.
r Day students (tuition fees) R3 870.00
  (All students not residing in the residences)  
r Residence students R6 470.00
  Tuition fees: R3 870.00
  Residence fees: R2 600.00


(In the case of total cancellation, the non-refundable ICT-levy and registration fee is forfeited. Residence fees are charged on a sliding scale according to actual days in residence.)

  • Students registering after the dates prescribed in the calendar are responsible to pay a late-registration fee in addition to the normal registration fee. They will furthermore be liable for full payment of the ICT levy, registration, late-registration and tuition fees if they register after the dates mentioned in par. 8.3


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