UJ Important Application and Closing dates Dates 2024

By | July 11, 2023

UJ Important Application and Closing dates Dates 2024

UJ Important Application and Closing dates Dates 2024- The application and closing dates for the university of johannesburg  is outlined below for prospective students


Open: 1 April
Close: 29 September @ 12:00


Open: 1 April
Close: 29 September @ 12:00

All postgradauate programmes (Excep for programmes listed below)31 October @ 12:00
Programmes listed below HAVE THEIR OWN CLOSING DATES
BEd Hons Educational Psychology  MEd Educational Pshycology30 June @12:00
MA Clinical Psychology
MA Counselling Psychology14 July @12:00
BCom Hons in Marketing Mangement
B.Com Hons in Strategic Management29 September @ 12:00
BA Hons (Biokinetics)31 August @ 12:00

If you choose to do a paper-based application, then the fee for a first time applicant is R200.
If you choose to do an online application, this is free of charge.
No walk-in’s in January, so apply on time!

Open Days

Please visit www.future.uj.mobi to book for an open day end of February.

Term Dates

1st Semester:

1st Term:
8 February – 24 March

2nd Term:
4 April – 20 May

Study Break: 21 May  – 25 May
Exams : 26 May – 14 June

Mid term break: March 28 – April 12

Mid year vacation: June 18 – July 12

2nd Semester:

3rd Term:
1 August – 16 September

Study break: 12 August – 18 August

4th Term:
26 September  – 11 November

Study Break: October 24 – 30
Exams:  19 November – 6 December

Please remember that 1st and 2nd Semester dates will change dependent on the student’s last examination. Usually it can change by as much as 2/3 weeks for year-end.

Important information


  • Applicants applying online may not subsequently apply using a paper-based application.
  • Please note that receiving a UJ student number (reference number) does not imply you are a student until you have officially registered.
  • Incomplete applications may result in the delay of finalisation of your application.
  • Applicants must have a valid email address in order to apply online. All Communication with regard to your application will be sent via email/sms. Should you not have a valid email address you can create an email account using Gmail, Yahoo Mail or any other email provider you may prefer.
  • Meeting the minimum admission requirements for a specific programme does not necessarily guarantee admission to that particular programme.
  • A token may be issued by certain Faculties/Departments for Continuing Education Programmes or Study Abroad applicants. Please enter the token when requested as part of the online application. This will assist you in applying for the correct programmes/s which you are interested in studying.
  • Online application related enquiries may be sent via email to onlineapp@uj.ac.za or you may contact the UJ Call Centre on 011 559 4555.
  • To verify or update your email address please contact the UJ Call Centre on 011 559 4555