University of Johannesburg Bunting Road Campus

By | September 1, 2023

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University of Johannesburg Bunting Road Campus

University of Johannesburg Bunting Road Campus, Bunting Road Campus Auckland Park, also known as APB, is one of the four urban campuses of the University of Johannesburg. The ABP was originally a campus of the Technikon Witwatersrand. Unique about the campus is the fact that the campus is an enclosed section of a suburb. The main throughfair of the suburb is Bunting Road. The name Bunting Road, according to the City of Johannesburg archives is derived from a subspecies of bird and not the decorative banner it is currently associated with. A common misconception, as with Kingsway Campus, is that the campus itself is in Auckland Park. However, it is not technically within the demarcated suburb of Auckland Park, but rather in the suburb of Cottesloe. The roads within the campus are Lark Street, Jay Street, Vista Close, Ibis Street, Katjiepiering Street, Falcon Street and Dorbie Street.

Faculties in University of Johannesburg Bunting Road Campus

The Campus is home to the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (FADA), as well as the Faculty of Management.

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

FADA has a vibrant 80-year history behind it and serves approximately 1200 students that work and study in the FADA building, which has many facilities integrated into it, such as workshops, studios, computer laboratories, common lecture venues, an auditorium, gallery, and library. FADA is divided into eight distinct departments, namely: the Department of Architecture; the Department of Fashion Design; the Department of Graphic Design; the Department of Industrial Design; the Department of Interior Design; the Department of Jewellery Design and Manufacture; the Department of Multimedia; and the Department of Visual Art.

Faculty of Management

The Faculty of Management is located at the Auckland Park Kingsway Campus, the Bunting Road Campus and the Soweto Campus. The Faculty of Management consists of 11 distinct departments, namely: the Centre for Small Business Development; the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Social Economy; the Department of Applied Information Systems; the Department of Business Management; the Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management; the Department of Information and Knowledge Management; the Department of Marketing Management; the Department of Public Management and Governance; the Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management; the School of Leadership; and the School of Tourism and Hotel Management.


Of the 9255 students that were enrolled at the Bunting Road Campus in 2011, 9177 were undergraduate students and only 78 were postgraduate.

Student amenities in University of Johannesburg Bunting Road Campus

When on campus the visual impression one gets is not of an education institution but rather that of a middle class South African suburb, as is the case with the surrounding suburbs. The Bunting Road Campus has 2 entrances. The east and main entrance is located on Annet Road (M71) and the west entrance is located on Canary street, opposite the SABC Headquarters, in Auckland Park. The Campus has a total of 55 lecture halls equipped with 4412 seats.

The University’s radio station UJFM is also located on the premises of the Bunting Road Campus.

Located within the campus is a Netcare Clinic which, along with The Faculty of Health Sciences of Doornfontein Campus, serves the City of Johannesburg. Opposite Lark Street on Bunting Road is the Cottesloe Boer Memorial, National Monument.


Several restaurants can be found at the Bunting Road Campus, thanks to School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, which falls under the Faculty of Management. Some of the restaurants that can be found here include The Design Café, The Waterford Restaurant, and The Bistro.


The Campus is home to the Con Cowan Building, which is where the fully equipped, 180-seater Con CowanTheatre is also situated, and the Great Hall, which can accommodate up to 550 people and is a popular location for concerts, prize-giving ceremonies, exhibitions, and meetings. The Great Hall is also used for examinations 

Other venues can be found within the The Kerzner Building, which is under the jurisdiction of the School of Tourism and Hospitality. The Kerzner Building is a R20 million building where the training of hospitality and tourism students takes place at the University.


The University of Johannesburg has its own student shuttle service that transports students between the Doornfontein Campus, Soweto Campus, Kingsway Campus, and Bunting Road Campus. Additionally, all of these campuses are served by Rea Vaya, a bus rapid transit system in Johannesburg.

Student residences

The Campus has five residences, Horison and Panorama for undergraduate females, Majuba for undergraduate males, and Goudstad Flats and Broadcast Court which are both mixed’gender residences for postgraduate students.

The Majuba Junior Men’s Residence is located on-site in Cottesloe. It can accommodate up to 310 junior male students from the Bunting Road campus. The residence itself is an eleven-floor high rise that has five sharing rooms and twenty one single rooms on each floor. The residence is managed by the residence manager and staffed by eleven floor representatives (one representative per floor), full-time security, and six full-time cleaners.

The Broadcast Court Mixed Senior Residence is also located on the premises of the Campus. It is an integrated residence that accommodates both male and female students. Although third-year students may also reside at the residence, the residence primarily houses students who are busy with postgraduate degrees, such as Bachelor of Technology degrees and Honours degrees. The residence also accommodates sports students of the Campus as well as members of the Campus’ SRC. The building has seven blocks with eighty eight units, each outfitted with a kitchen to facilitate self-catering. Students formerly from the junior residences Majuba, Horison, and Panorama typically form a large part of the population of the Broadcast Court’s residents. It can accommodate up to 338 students whom, depending on their academic performance, are assigned to either single or double room flats. Postgraduate students have priority when it comes to placing students into single rooms, while undergraduate students are often placed into double rooms.

There is also a day-house on the Campus, called the Ikhayalethu Day-House, where day students of the University of Johannesburg’s Bunting Road Campus can gather.