Details Of University of Johannesburg Bursaries 2024/2025

By | November 23, 2023

Details Of University of Johannesburg Bursaries 2024/2025

Bursaries & Finance

At the University of Johannesburg, as at all other tertiary institutions, you have to PAY TO STUDY. There are NO FREE COURSES and the fees at universities are high. Make sure you have enough funding to pay for your course BEFORE you apply. If you are accepted and you do not pay for your studies, you may be held responsible for the outstanding amount. The contract you sign with UJ is legally binding and if you are over 18, you become responsible for any debt. Students often see the tuition fees and think that these are the only costs to be paid but tuition fees are only a part of the total cost of a year at UJ.

How can you pay for your studies?

There are a number of ways to fund your studies. If you are very lucky your family can pay for you and support you – OR you might qualify for a scholarship – OR you can try to apply for a bank loan – OR you can try to apply for a bursary.

Bursaries – University of Johannesburg Bursaries 2024

At UJ we offer Merit Bursaries to students who have achieved exceptional academic results. For example if you obtain an Admission Point Score (APS) of between 40 and 42 (70% plus) you can get a 50% discount on your tuition fees.

If you need financial assistance, visit the following websites. They list the majority of bursaries available in South Africa. Please note each bursary has specific requirements so make sure you comply with these before applying.

Merit Bursaries

Merit bursaries will be granted based on final Grade 12 results.

All other merit bursaries will automatically be allocated to your student account.

Download the Under- and Postgradaute Bursary Brochure for an overview.

Refer to Under- and Post Graduate Booklet 2016 for more information.​

External Sponsorship Bursaries – University of Johannesburg Bursaries 2024

To be considered for a bursary administered and awarded by the University of Johannesburg (UJ), applicants complete only one UJ bursary application form.

If you are applying for more than one bursary which are administered and awarded by the University of Johannesburg (i.e. only bursaries with UJ addresses), you may – on a separate page – list the bursaries in alphabetical order for which you would like to be considered and send this list to the University together with one bursary application form. Only one third-party bursary can be awarded per candidate.

Applications must reach the Bursary Office on the respective campuses by no later than 15 November annually of the preceding year. Late applications will not be considered.

Applicants may cancel their applications without any obligation to the University. Doubts regarding prospective studies should therefore not prevent candidates from submitting their applications on time.

These bursaries will be considered only after the June examinations and the results will be announced soon thereafter.

Applications from postgraduate students are considered as soon as the examination results of the previous degree course are known, after which candidates are informed of the outcome thereof. Applications from applicants applying for a bursary for the second or third year of study in a postgraduate degree course (for which examination results are therefore not applicable) are judged on the results of the progress reports from promoters, supervisors and heads of departments with regard to their interim progress.

Refer to External sponsor bursaries and loansfor more information.

Application forms are available here.​​

Honours Bursary –

University of Johannesburg Bursaries 2024/2025

UJ is offering an excellent opportunity to candidates in specific departments to complete their Honours degree. Tuition fees are paid in full*.
Students may apply for a bursary only if accepted or conditionally accepted for an Honours degree at a host department.
*Terms and Conditions apply. Subject to availability of funds.
UJ Honours bursaries only available in the following study areas:
Art, Design and Architecture
Graphic Design
Childhood Education; Educational Psychology; Mathematics Education; Science Education
Economics and Financial Sciences
Economics and Econometrics
Health Sciences
Sport and Movement Studies
African Languages, Afrikaans, Anthropology and Development Studies, Communication Studies, English, French, Greek and Latin Studies, Historical Studies, Journalism, Film and Television, Linguistics, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Religion Studies, Social Work, Sociology, Strategic Communication
Human Resources Management; Industrial Psychology; Information Management; Information Technology Management; Logistics Management; Marketing Management; Public Management and Governance; Strategic Management; Tourism Development; Transport Economics
Applied Mathematics; Biochemistry; Botany; Chemistry; Computer Science; Energy Studies; Geography; Geology; Informatics; Information Technology;
For More Info contact the Faculty Representatives indicated below:​​


Art, Design and Arc​hitecture Ms L Hollander 011 559 1471
Economic and Financial Sciences Ms S Chauke 011 559 2565
Education Ms P Mohau 011 559 2522
Health Sciences Ms R Shellaine 011 559 4234
Ms P Serra 011 559 6969
Humanities Mr A Wessels 011 559 2356
Management Ms L Van Lodewyk 011 559 3874
Ms F Sass 011 559 2725
Science Ms A Greyling 011 559 2374

Bunting Road Campus

Ashlen Naidoo: 011 559 1552

Puleng Tladi: 011 559 1173

 ​​​​Doornfontein Campus

Simone Rayners: 011 559 6195

Sheba Maaroganye: 011 559 6412

​Kingsway / Auckland Park Campus

Mary Robinson: 011 559 3778

Marutha Peggy: 011 559 3575

Evelyn Mareletse: 011 559 4921

Heledene Fourie: 011 559 4275


​Soweto Campus:

Zinhle Pilenyane: 011 559 5507

Anna Sithole: 011 559 5702